July/August 2015

Here is an incredible resource for youth groups, college-age groups, or anyone who wants to see what extreme sports and pursuing a life of Jesus have to do with each other. Here at Shout! we just wanted to make sure our readers were aware of this amazing group of people doing amazing things. Below is from their website. Check 'em out and be amazed.

More than just the best action sports on the planet, XLTV is all about Culture, Purpose and living life to the Max.

An Award- Winning, faith based, lifestyle/ action sports weekly TV show airing into 171 countries, now in its 7th year is rated as one of the Top programs on many TV networks around the world. XLTV features culturally relevant topics, cutting edge editing, exclusive behind the scenes interviews and lifestyles with musicians, athletes & personalities influencing today's generation.

Host, extremist, cameraman, and professional athlete, Ivan van Vuuren as each week he and the Xtreme Life crew take you on an adventure of a lifetime. From the shores of tropical Hawaii to the dark ends of Africa and in-between, each episode will have you on the edge of your seat. Come face to face with personalities living on the edge. Go behind the scenes with top bands and witness exotic travel, weekly trick-tips and insane sporting wipeouts that have featured on National Geographic and Discovery channels. Sports with a Message- each episode delivers powerful, relevant and positive faith based messages challenging today's generation to live a life with meaning and purpose.

XLTV showcases breath- taking footage from exotic locations as each week viewers are strapped in alongside the world's top athletes for the ride of a lifetime. Most of all, what makes XLTV unique and different is that each episode deals with powerful, life-changing topics facing today's generation. "Sports with a message". Check out www.xtremelife.tv

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