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Shout! Outdoor Lifestyle Magazine targets a broad range of people who have a zeal for life, a passion for the outdoors and an interest to see how God fits into both. If you think you have an exciting first-hand account, an interesting interview, an informative how-to article, or an important commentary on encounters in God's great outdoors, then we want you to write for us!

Our readers pursue a deeper understanding of their faith through their interaction with nature and wild places. They engage the outdoors through hiking, skiing, climbing, paddling, surfing, biking and running just to name a few. They desire to understand the power that draws them out there.  Our readers want to be inspired by adventure and challenged by new experiences, but they want more than postcards from exotic destinations or heroic first-ascent bravado. They want to define their experience by finding out how their adventures bring them closer to God.  We want exciting stories of adventure, articles on where to go and what to do, features on interesting outdoor personalities, and discussions on the gear and know-how readers need to pursue their passion better.  Most importantly, we want to challenge beliefs, unwrap emotions, and mine the depths of what we can learn through God’s creation. 

Queries:  Send a one-paragraph query to executive editor Matt Evans.  Include a summary describing the article idea, an approximate length and date it could be finished. Email submissions preferred, please refrain from phone or fax pitches. [Note: You do not have to query a story idea before sending it in.]

Submissions: We prefer submissions as Word attachments. Your name and a 2 or 3 sentence bio should be included with your submission. Submissions to the website are on a donation basis (byline and bio as well as linking to any book, service or ministry you are involved in are compensation). Articles are automatically archived. Please double-check spelling and grammar before submitting. All articles will be edited for length, grammar, content, style and tone.

We are a visual society, photos and videos are huge. Don’t let a lack of photos stop you from telling a compelling story, but if you don’t have them, we’ll have to find them somewhere. 2-3 photos per story is a minimum.  However:  Any material that is not your own must have full credit given to the source and be used with permission or within legal standards.  You must indemnify us that your material can be printed legally and without restriction.

Read our Writer's Guidelines and Editorial Calendar for further insight into our editorial goals and direction.

We are also looking for recurring "expert" columnists in a variety of categories, from mountain climbing to kayaking to X-games.  Just check out our department categories and let us know where you'd fit.

Layout and Departments

Each issue is laid out in a simple, clear style with vibrant prose, colorful pictures and exciting video to fully engage the reader.  Readers are transported to exciting destinations and challenged to try new things as each author describes, illustrates, and discusses their experiences in one or more of the many outdoor pursuits focused on in each issue.  Articles are organized into departments primarily by activity.  Each department includes feature stories, inspirational essays, trip reports, interviews with experts in the field, how-to tips, and of course gear reviews: 

Hike, Camp & Climb (Mountains):  Provides stories of hiking, backpacking, and trekking while also celebrating the pursuit of high places:  alpine style mountain climbing, traditional rock climbing, and vertical ice climbing. This is the place for exploring the mountains, woods, and backcountry the old fashioned way… by foot.

Boat, Surf, & Snorkel (Oceans):  Examines all that the ocean has to offer an outdoor lover.  From onboard a motor boat to sailing the high seas to surfing the big waves, here we wring out the thrills of life on top of the water while at the same time diving below the surface to discover the riches and mystery in the underwater world of snorkeling and scuba.

Paddle, Row & Raft (Rivers & Lakes): Celebrates the thrill of the whitewater and the serenity of the lake.  Whether running Class V rapids, paddling a canoe through the Boundary Waters, or rafting on a week-long adventure in the Brooks Range, writers un-pack the challenges, joys, and experiences that pursuing recreation on rivers and lakes reveals. 

Pedal, Race, & Run (Roads & Trails):  Investigates the world of self-propelled speed on the roads, tracks, and trails of the land. Tearing down the mountain, burning up the track, staying ahead of the pack, or casually touring the country, this place offers insights and inspiration for the mountain biker, road racer, marathoner, and trail runner. 

The X Factor (Off The Beaten Path):  From skateboarding to wakeboarding to skydiving, this is where the extreme outdoor enthusiasts find their passion.  If there are thrills, chills, and adrenaline to be experienced, this department brings our readers close to the action and explores what it means to push the edge of the physical and spiritual envelope

Hunt, Fish, & Sustain (Animals & Environment):  Explores the excitement and adventure in all aspects of hunting and fishing, from trip prep to meal prep, while examining the importance of sustained practices and conservation to preserve and manage God’s creation in all its forms.  Intertwined throughout this department will be discussion about how we care for the wild lands, life-sustaining waters, and amazing creatures to ensure a sustainable future.