March 2013

After crossing a gentle trickling brook, we begin the hostile ascent to the summit. Any semblance of pathway is replaced by ten foot serrated boulders to scramble over. We share poised laughter as we pull out the logbook from the large plastic tube to document our dirt bike, climb and ensuing snowboard descent off the mountaintop.

Bats, Rabies, and Wildlife Emergencies
By Laura Chamberlain
September/October 2015

While bats are important for the ecosystem, they do bring with them one shortcoming; they can carry the rabies virus. Watching bats flit overhead, dipping and diving after insects, is a delightful part of the outdoor experience. When they stay in their space and you stay in yours, bats are great fun. The problem comes when things are not normal.

XLTV and Premier Productions
July/August 2015

An Award- Winning, faith based, lifestyle/ action sports weekly TV show airing into 171 countries, now in its 7th year is rated as one of the Top programs on many TV networks around the world. XLTV features culturally relevant topics, cutting edge editing, exclusive behind the scenes interviews and lifestyles with musicians, athletes & personalities influencing today's generation.

Poverty's Environmental Assault
By Andrew Vonehrenkr
May/June 2015

"The greatest threat to the natural environment and its beauty comes not from large numbers of people or from their prosperity but from poverty." In this exclusive interview, the founder of the Cornwall Alliance, Dr. Calvin Beisner, outlines his arguments that a clean, healthy environment is a costly good and a wealthier world will better protect nature than a poorer one.

Nova Sparta
By Andrew Vonehrenkr
March/April 2015

NOVA SPARTA, an experience unlike any other, is a 36 hour immersion field problem for boys, dads and bachelors, but this isn’t a glorified camping trip. Participants recieve an item of extreme importance and an adversary can attempt to take the item at anytime. This constant threat of invasion sets NOVA SPARTA apart from other events. But that’s not all.

Of Hearts & Lions
By Matt Evans
January/February 2015

Killing Lions, a collaboration between John Eldredge and his son Sam, is a wonderful example of how direct engagement, and not just atmosphere and example, is so vital to passing on our faith, passions, and understanding of the world. I caught up with Sam and had a chance to ask him about growing up Eldredge, the genesis of Killing Lions, and what he hoped to accomplish through the book.

Rim to Him
By Rachel Roland
November/December 2014

Focusing on the moment instead of the end, straining to hear His voice.  Crossing back and forth over the river, bridge after bridge, up and down.  Felt endless... And so it began; the first notes jotted down on the plane ride home after hiking marathon mileage and over four thousand feet of vertical from one rim of the Grand Canyon to the other. It was an amazing experience.

Diving Below the Surface with HACA
By David Gletty
September/October 2014

The second in a series of adventures from High Adrenaline Christian Adventures (HACA) written by former FBI Operative and current Christian Adventure Guide and Ministry Director David Gletty. This is a guided dive, snorkeling among the reefs off of Key Largo and camping in the Florida Keys. 

Hot Saw in Stihl Timbersports Series
A Stihl Saw Voice
By Brad Bloom
September/October 2014

With the extreme sport of Timbersports you're less inclined to think of God speaking to you in "a still small voice" than an active, big and perhaps even loud voice. Professional athletes Matt Cogar and Branden Sirguy go all out serious with their work, their family and especially their faith. You won't find any sissy Jesus worshipers here.

Seeking the Voice in the Wilderness
By David Gletty
July/August 2014

The first in a series of adventures from High Adrenaline Christian Adventures (HACA) written by former FBI Operative and current Christian Adventure Guide and Ministry Director David Gletty. This is a guided trek, hiking 45 miles in 4 days and 3 nights of primitive camping in the Great Smoky Mountain National Forest.

The Longboard: Shaping My Core, Courage, & Character
By Nikki Espina
May/June 2014

Longboarding is not only a great physical activity but a tremendous mental activity too. For me, the sport has helped strengthen my faith, taught me how to discern healthy fear from timid fear, and prepared me for other aspects in my life. Here are some exercises to help strengthen you for longboarding and life!