May 2015

Where we live, the only cable TV packages that include ESPN also include dozens of channels I don’t want. Unfortunately, we often take the same approach with our worldview. Rather than evaluating each belief on its own merit, we choose one or two we are passionate about and purchase a bundle that covers all the rest of life.

What 5 Epic Fails Taught Me
By Damon Toney
September/October 2015

When the Wright Brothers succeed in building their flying machine, most people focused on the success, but they experimented for nearly three years before their first flight. Historically there are far more failures than successes. Many give up on life not knowing that continuing forward through failures is what reveals success. Here are a few situations from my own life.

Living Proof
By Matt Evans
July/August 2015

The outdoors has never been a big draw for my nephew, so for a moment I consider skipping the camping and fishing in favor of more urban pursuits. But, after living in Italy and the UAE, I don’t think I stand a chance of impressing him with Anchor-Town. I’ll just have to show him that the vast beauty of Alaska is worth roughing it a little.

Old Becomes New
By Damon Toney
March/April 2015

Often newness comes from newer materials. Graphite rods are the craze. Light weight, sensitive, with that sleek, new look. What happened to the old materials? Did they die? No. While we love “new,” sometimes new is a matter of combining the better parts of several systems. This is exactly how I developed a new series of fishing floats at Black Warrior Lures

What's Your Story?
By David Cummings
January/February 2015

Each Christian has a story to tell about God’s grace in their life, whether new to the faith or walking with Christ for decades. Those who can’t remember a time without Christ also have a story to tell. You see, it’s not really your story at all. It’s His story, and you just happen to be the person with the most intimate understanding of your part in it.

The Great Distinction
By Dr. Tom C. Rakow
November/December 2014

We are living in a day when a growing number of people have openly embraced the concept that there exists no clearly definable distinction between humans and animals. Indeed, as incredible as it may seem, the idea that "animals are people too!" has gained wide acceptance in our modern culture. Apparently, deep in the hearts of some, animals are even more desirable to be around than are humans.

Nature is Not Always Nice
By Dr. Tom C. Rakow
September/October 2014

It seems popular to romanticize nature and make what God has created into something it is not. Due to the increased urbanization of society (as well as many other factors), this is quite easily done since many more people are now naturally distanced from nature. As a result, well-meaning individuals are often easily misdirected or misinformed about how things really work in the great outdoors. 

The Gospel and the Crosshairs
By Cody Cunningham
July/August 2014

As a teenager, I was never interested in hunting because my warm bed seemed much better than a frigid deer stand. But as I grew older, a different concern kept me from the pursuit of the elusive whitetail: I wasn’t sure how to reconcile my Christian faith and the taking of life.

Carnival Fishing
By Matt Evans
May/June 2014

Labelled as un-sporting by some, and just plain stupid by others, dipnetting, as far as I can tell, is a uniquely Alaskan experience. The concept has evolved from the fish wheels and beach-side set nets of the native Alaskans who have been harvesting this resource to provide for their families for thousands of years.

Salmon Connection
By Matt Evans
March/April 2014

I twist my right boot a little deeper into the riverbed; instinctively I tense for the fight.  Elbow tucked in, a little firmer grip on the rod butt, hold fast the spare line in my left hand, rod tip up smoothly but aggressively enough to set the hook… all this in less than a second. "Fish on," I grunt.

Mastering the Art of Spear Fishing
By Mark Edwards
March/April 2014

As you sit comfortably in the sunshine and wait for your next catch, you’re missing out on all the real action. Fly fishing is out and spearfishing is in. There’s no sitting down, hanging about or relaxing involved. When you spear fish, you hunt the deep and dark depths. Its only you down there – you, your gun and your determination.