Surf Missions Trifecta

By Jim McCleary
September/October 2012

It was 5am when I heard the dreaded alarm on my phone go off, but I knew it was going to be a great day. Yes, it was Crosswaves 2nd event for the year and we were partnering with "Pipeline to a Cure FL", an organization that works with kids who have Cystic Fibrosis. I woke up Phil Risoldi who stayed at my house after driving from the Gulf Coast just to help set up all the tents and equipment that it takes to run such a big event. We got the trailer hooked up and got on the road to Bethune Beach.

On the way the sky lit up to reveal a beautiful day with plenty of sunshine and no clouds. When we pulled up there was already a crew of Boyscouts from Deltona ready to help us unload all the food, drinks, tents,  banners, volleyball net, and of course the surfboards. The set up crew worked hard and before 9:30am most of the task was completed and the band "Worship Without Walls" was right on time to set up their instruments and microphones.  The Pipeline crew was there too setting up all their gear, information desk and tables.

At 10am we all gathered together for an opening prayer and a shout out from all the 40 plus churches and groups that came to participate. Chip Waller, our head surf instructor began the "Parts of the Surfboard" lesson that explains how a surfboard and surfing can relate to our Christian walk, and after that we hit the water. Kids, parents and even grandparents got in line for their turn to get free surf lessons on top quality training surfboards with first class surf instructors that give their time for Jesus.

It was a perfect wave for lessons, running about 2-3 feet and spills and thrills filled the ocean.  The Cystic Fibrosis kids actually benefit from the salt water which is like a treatment to slow down the fibrosis.  There was a bunch of moms and grandpa's on this particular day giving it a go and all of them caught a wave too. 

East Coast Paddle Boards let people try their hand on the new wave of SUP's, and Erie Surfboards brought his team to help out too. After more than 2 hours of surfing, the masses began to head up to the food and drink area where the band was now rocking for the Lord.  People were playing volleyball and some were giving the Indo surf training balance boards a try.


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    Jim McCleary has been surfing for 38 years.  Growing up in Miami, FL, he was a South Beach local back when the pier was still standing.  He was the founder & first president of the Southwest Surf Club.  He moved to New Smyrna in 1980 where he met his wife Lisa.  They moved to Deltona , FL just 30 minutes west of New Smyrna, where they are raising their two children, Lauren 25, & Jimbo, 20. Jim began Crosswaves in '96 after dedicating his life to what the Lord has called him to.

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