Shout! Your Story: Shaun Murray

November/December 2012

Shout! Outdoor Lifestyle Magazine and This Iz My Story have joined together for a series called "Shout! Your Story."  In each issue of Shout! Outdoor Lifestyle Magazine we bring you a new featured video from professional snowboarders, wakeboarders and surfers sharing their story as God became real in their lives and how they have now merged their faith and their outdoor lifestyles.

Check out the amazing footage as these athletes at the top of their game catch big air off of giant mountains, huge wakes, and massive waves.  But more importantly, hear what they have to say about how God came into their lives and changed them forever.

November/December Issue:

Wakeboarder - Shaun Murray

Shaun Murray is the real deal.  He has dozens of wakeboard titles in his career which started in 1998.  Shaun was the first wakeboarder ever to land a 900 and is the only rider ever to hold World, Pro Tour and National champion titles at once.  He was given a "Legend" award from Wakeboard magazine in 2005.  Not only is Shaun a four-time World champion wakeboarder, but he is the main character featured in Activision's video game "Wakeboarding Unleashed" released for Playstation 2, Xbox, and Game Boy Advance in 2002.

Despite all of his successes,  Shaun consistantly pushed back against his Christian up-bringing, and against God.   But in the summer of 2004, everything changed.  Shaun dislocated his knee while riding. He tore his ACL, PCL, and MCL. After reconstructive surgery he was told he might not ride again.

Shaun's spiritual awakening began as he battled through his physical recovery.  He realized through it all that God was never going to leave him. 



This Iz My Story: Shaun Murray

If you have a similar story of God changing your life and your outdoor lifestyle that you would like to share, put it on Youtube and send us a link.  We’d love to let you tell your story in Shout! Outdoor Lifestyle Magazine alongside these amazing individuals.  

If you have a big event and you are interested in the producers from This Iz My Story (TIMS) coming to your area and seeing God move through your own story, contact them ([email protected]) and get on their calendar. Please provide the following: Name of affiliation, location, possible dates and details of your event. 

At your event, you can expect a special message from TIMS founder Kevin Durham, testimony from Pro Wakeboarder Emily Copeland Durham, and inspirational stories from the Bible that challenge the way you share Jesus Christ.  And at the end, your story will be written, filmed and given back for you to share.

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