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Brad Bloom
November 2015

Service Stations - Keep Driving

From the blog Phillips Footsteps, Christian couple Bob and Esther Phillips share about their summer 2015 trip to Alaska. Along their journey they stopped at a picturesque service station. Though closed, it has colorful charm and some outdoor imagery I’d like for you to consider:

The word “station” dates from the late 16th century and refers to ‘position,’ especially ‘position in life, status,’ and specifically, in ecclesiastical use, to ‘a holy place of pilgrimage visited as one of a succession.’

In other words, look to God to find your place in this world, fill-it-up and keep driving.  


In the summer of 2012 we launched Shout! Outdoor Lifestyle Magazine after months of visioning, planning, development and execution. The idea for the magazine was conceived years earlier as our flagship brand, Faith & Fitness Magazine, increasingly covered outdoor oriented stories. We asked the question, “If people want to make connections between their fitness lifestyle and the Christian faith, would they perhaps also want to make connections between their outdoor lifestyle and the Christian faith?” Research showed a significant number of Christian groups and networks across a wide range of outdoor interests. We concluded the audience was there. Indeed today we continually discover new faces – more people that want to Pursue, Explore and Celebrate God as they get outdoors.

To get us from concept to where we are today required one key component – an Executive Editor who would not only give birth to a new magazine but also grow it. That growth has been much more than Internet architecture, crafted words that become powerful stories and inspiring images. A significant advance we’ve accomplished, I believe, is to define just how significant the Christian faith is impacting the outdoor culture. Moreover the magazine provides real insights, tangible examples that can be modeled by others. It is no small task to take ideas, build on theories, find evidence and then deliver a tool that inspires and instructs all of us to BE LIFE to others.  Matt Evans, has done this with amazing precision, dependable consistency, a commitment to excellence and a passion for Christ like no other.

When you’re really outdoors (not just online here) you want someone with those qualities. You need someone who is “all-in” with no reservation. You need someone who is creative – able to quietly and thoughtfully listen and then innovate.  Most importantly you need what you pray to God you know is extremely rare, someone who can tune into the heart and mind of God and be tenaciously obedient.  Matt is all that and more. What you see in this magazine is an incredible reflection of who he is and how God blesses when we agree to serve. It was Matt’s idea to create an annual service issue to bring awareness to just how important that is in our outdoor pursuits. This service issue is particularly special because Matt is transitioning to the position of Editor Emeritus.

Thank you Matt for your service. We celebrate with you for all the yet unknown ways God will use you.

As you read this “All The Best” issue of Shout! Outdoor Lifestyle Magazine, I encourage you, our readers, to consider your station in life. Consider how God can take your most humble and simple act of service to Him and others and make it a beautiful and holy place.

When you begin a journey you need to ask God only one question, “Where will you have me serve next?”



Take a look at this video shot in October 2015 in Matt’s neighborhood.

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    Brad Bloom is the publisher of Shout! Outdoor Lifestyle Magazine and Faith & Fitness Magazine. He is president of Lifestyle Media Group, a ministry that develops content to help you connect your daily lifestyle with the Christian faith so that you can Be Life to others. You can Contact Us to schedule him now to speak at your church, business or community gathering in 2014.

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