service station
Service Stations – Keep Driving!
Brad Bloom
November 2015

Where will your journey through life take you?

How To Plan For Exquisite - travel planning
How To Plan For Exquisite!
By Brad Bloom
September/October 2015

I had a grand plan of what I wanted to do… We did something much better. I was confident I’d given God permission to be first in my life. Once he shook me free of my selfish thinking I was free to discover the real journey.

Jet sking gives the rider a sense of freedom.
Free From Me
By Brad Bloom
July/August 2015

Last week I was on a jet ski speeding across the water. For me, this is freedom. Yet the faster I went the more I started to consider how there is a force greater than gravity holding me down. Can you and I break free from it?

tagging an eagle.
Preservation, Conservation and SERVE-ation
By Brad Bloom
May/June 2015

So which side are you on? Should we protect nature from all human impact or use it wisely OR is there a better way? Take a moment to consider what God wants you to do when it comes to nature and the outdoors you love. If you hold the earth in your hands can you save it?

Trailblazer young man resting against tree in sun
By Brad Bloom
March/April 2015

The year was 1976. I was 12. For me, forging hiking trails was completely “in the zone”. Until you leave the familiar and secure you can’t find that never before seen spectacular view AND you’ll never find the new trail that leads to a better life.

Pass it 'ON'!
By Brad Bloom
January/February 2015

My wife and I just returned from a two-day Disney World adventure in Florida with our children, their spouses and our grandchildren. If you think a magical vacation like this isn’t challenging you need to know this is the Mt. Everest of amusement parks. It takes some serious planning, finances, coordination, technology, and contingencies along with patience, focus, grace and a mission.

Different is Very Good
By Brad Bloom
November/December 2014

The outdoors is a school like no other and we need to get out into it. Designed by God it is untamable and magnificent in size and diversity. So too are the creatures we find there both wild and human. We’ve all been cooped up way too long in our familiar environments, our routines, our thinking, our religion, our attitudes and yes I’ll say it – our sin. 

You Be The Judge
By Brad Bloom
September/October 2014

Sometimes we go for it and not too much later start to wonder if we exercised good judgment. We climb to a point where we’re not sure what to grab next and going back really isn’t an option. How good are you at making the next move?

Stand-Up Paddle Boarding SUP on a kayak
Don’t Worry About The Things You Think You Need
By Brad Bloom
July/August 2014

As is often the case when you get one thing then all of a sudden you think you need something else. In my case I had the paddle but I couldn’t use it because I didn’t have the board. What was I to do?

Men attending a weekend retreat.
By Brad Bloom
May/June 2014

In the spring I attend a guy’s retreat where we spend time being both alone and in a group. Some wonder if we should enjoy the outdoors solitary or social? Do both – then do church that way!