January 2014

I normally speed up when I see the finish, but today my legs can barely shuffle. All I want is to be done, get my medal, and sit down. I’m exhausted and I can’t wait to rest. That’s when I hear a loud boom in front of me; mile 26.1. Then a building partially blows up – fire and smoke are everywhere - it’s crazy. But I don’t stop running.

5 Tips To Achieve Epic Goals
By Todd Tipton
September/October 2015

Chances are that during the first four months of the year while you were waking up and fumbling with the coffee maker Daren Wendell was busy running: putting one foot in front of the other to accomplish his goal. Daren let me in on how he accomplishes epic things, executing 100 marathons in 100 days. If you believe him, you might just find yourself doing the impossible too.    

Shouts of Victory
By Arden Howell
July/August 2015

There's something strikingly wonderful about being surrounded by trees, rather than people. Though more physically difficult than pavement running, trail running is deceptively easier in the mental aspect. When distracted by the passing branches and roots or avoiding poison ivy, the miles seem to pass more quickly as I plunge deeper into the forest.

Choice Management
Jennifer McAlister
May/June 2015

After signing up for my first full Ironman, I immediately began to worry about the intense training schedule that was involved in this new adventure. The thought of filling my already packed day seemed more overwhelming than the race itself. I immediately had buyer’s remorse and panic set in.

Outside Those Walls
March/April 2015

Just imagine, several thousand people milling around at the starting line, music blaring, people help each other get their race numbers attached. The serious runners move to the front, moms with baby joggers get ready, and dads tie their kids’ shoes. Excitement is all around. Now imagine it’s all put on by your church.

Dad Time
By Tim Turnquist
January/February 2015

As a cyclist, one of the greatest joys that I have experienced is my kids showing an interest in sharing the sport I love. I ride often with Christian Cycling and other groups, but there is nothing to compare to riding with family. So, as you can imagine, I was thrilled when Robbie, my [then] eight year old son, told me that he wanted a “road race bike!”

Everyday Engagement
By Tim Turnquist
November/December 2014

Six years ago I met another parent at my kids' swimming lessons. As we were leaving with our kids he mentioned that he was thinking about forming a new cycling club. He said this one was going to be a little different. "It’s going to be a Christian cycling club,” Tim said. "Huh. Interesting,” I responded. But what I was really thinking was, “Get me outta here!”


Revelation Wellness
September/October 2014

In 2007, Alisa Keeton merged her passion for fitness with her new-found love for Jesus and formed Revelation Wellness. Their annual fitness fundraiser "Rim to Him" caught our eye, where people from around the country train all year long to accomplish the Grand Canyon rim-to-rim hike. We caught up with Alisa and asked her about Revelation Wellness, Rim-to-Him and much more.

The Sounds of Running Feet
By Kimberly Coyle
July/August 2014

Normally, I refuse to run without my "necessities," until one morning I forgot my headphones. Already pressed for time, I forced myself to run without them, listening to nothing but the sound of the countryside waking up. It was the longest, hardest, most boring run of my life, and one of the few in which I found myself actually paying attention.

Training for Life
By Christina Chapan
May/June 2014

Last year I had the most incredible opportunity to train someone to walk his first 5K. I have trained people to run marathons, but this was a special situation. He is a fifty-year-old man who has some personal challenges, but who had a dream to go outside of himself and do something that no one in his family could physically do.

The Non-Negotiables
By Kimberly Coyle
March/April 2014

For years, I told myself I face the daily grind on the treadmill because I like to eat ice cream. I also like to fit in a swimsuit after eating said ice cream. But, over time, multiple races, and many injuries, I realize running has become a prayer too. It’s the wordless thanks for a body that retains the physical capacity for movement. It is a muscles in motion, lung searing, bodily capacity for joy.