John Muir-A Ministry of Conservation

By Brad Bloom
May/June 2015

How John Muir Helped Me Find God in the Wilderness

One of the most spectacular places on earth is Yosemite National Park. The natural beauty is grand, amplified beyond imagination, challenging all who experience it to adequately describe it. If ever there was a place to consider God’s creative nature, this is it. Few people visiting this park or any other national park or natural setting will unlikely journey very far before they hear the name John Muir. He was, as described in Wikipedia, a Scottish-American naturalist, author, and early advocate of preservation of wilderness in the United States. God’s imprint is on Yosemite and certainly Muir’s is too.

When you think about conservation things like political posturing, polarized ideologies, uninformed or poorly made decisions, and tree hugging gestures come to mind. However, a Biblical worldview, wisdom, nature’s ability to impact us and memories are qualities that I believe guided Muir’s approach and can help us be God’s definition of conservation.

Before you proceed with this article take a moment to click on the link immediately below to view the PBS short video clip about John Muir. As you watch it consider how the experts want to interpret a secular Muir and yet the quotes from Muir himself distinctly articulate God from the Bible. As you proceed reading this article, contemplate how the Christian community has an opportunity to help people discover God through conservation.

This is a multi-page article organized into sections. Click on the page numbers at the bottom of each page to navigate the entire article or select a section below:

- Excerpt from the book Baptized into Wilderness – A Christian Perspective on John Muir

- Current day conservation examples including John Murdock interview

- Organizations where you can be involved plus discussion questions


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