Biolite Stoves
September/October 2015

When it comes to really roughing it and experiencing a full 24 hours outdoors, most of us don’t realise quite how unprepared we are until we are out there doing it. We have to consider absolutely everything outside of our comfort zone and accept that home luxuries have no place in a tent field.

DB Longboards
July/August 2015

With humble beginnings in a small garage, Washington State based DB Longboards was founded in 2003 by a group of high school friends with a shared passion for boardsports. Motivated by this personal drive the founders set out to spread this stoke by producing the best quality boards possible. Twelve years later, DB is now known for manufacturing and distributing industry leading longboard products worldwide.

Trip Rider
By Matt Evans
May/June 2015

Let's face it, smartphones have revolutionized how we travel. No longer do we have a backpack jammed with maps, travel guides, tickets, train schedules, and of course rolls of film. Now we have everything organized neatly in our phones or tablets and all we have to do is turn it on to find the latest bus schedule, hotel confirmation number, or Trip Advisor write up. But is that really the way it works?

Right Size - Right Taste
By Matt Evans
March/April 2015

Meat sticks are certainly nothing new. In fact one of our go-to foods for a multiple-day hike is a brick of cheese and a stick of some sort of salami or sausage. But as the fourth day goes to five, I'm usually so sick of my giant hunk of cured meat that I want anything but. That's when these little Pepperettes are worth their weight in gold.

Commuter Cuffs
January/February 2015

Combining a love for accessories with a passion for products that solve problems, Boston based company Exposed Seam offers a StaySharp Commuter Cuff for those who commute on bicycles. No longer necessary are rubber bands, rolled up pants, grease on clothing, or shoe laces caught in chains. StaySharp’s unique shape keeps pants clean and helps keep laces away from your gears and chain.

Urban Mushing
November/December 2014

FOCUS your dogs energy with these new "Dog Powered" vehicles! The dog powered SCOOTER and TRIKE. They are revolutionary in that they are the first animal/dog pulled devices that place the dog in the REAR behind a steering wheel! This gives the rider precision steering control making the unit easy to use and practical for urban use on paved sidewalks and bike paths, or smooth/packed dirt.

Ergonomic Workout Gear from Amphipod
September/October 2014

With the winter season approaching and daylight waning, it’s a good time to take a look at the newest ergonomic gear that can help take the chill out of your workout and light the way toward achieving your fitness goals year -round. Amphipod® offers some of the best warmth, hydration, holders and reflective solutions, all designed to maximize the unique contours of your body for comfort and functionality.

Stand-Up Paddle Boarding SUP on a kayak
Don’t Worry About The Things You Think You Need
By Brad Bloom
July/August 2014

As is often the case when you get one thing then all of a sudden you think you need something else. In my case I had the paddle but I couldn’t use it because I didn’t have the board. What was I to do?

5 Spectacular Destinations to go Freediving
By Mark Edwards
May/June 2014

Freediving is all about taking a deep breath and heading deep to enjoy a totally relaxed experience at one with wildlife. Whether you’re an eager freediver or you’re itching to take up the sport, here’s our pick of the 5 most exotic and visually stunning locations to explore the deep.

Mastering the Art of Spear Fishing
By Mark Edwards
March/April 2014

As you sit comfortably in the sunshine and wait for your next catch, you’re missing out on all the real action. Fly fishing is out and spearfishing is in. There’s no sitting down, hanging about or relaxing involved. When you spear fish, you hunt the deep and dark depths. Its only you down there – you, your gun and your determination.