5 New Trails - 5 New Views

By Brad Bloom
March/April 2015

We’ve all seen the signs on our favorite hiking trail warning us to “stay on the trail”. They are there for good reason; to protect and preserve the natural places we enjoy, to keep us safe and often to simply prevent the masses from making many unnecessary and undesirable shortcuts to nowhere. Yet, all of us from the first time hiker to the experienced veteran who has authored trail guides have at one point or another wondered what it would be like to have a new trail. As I started thinking about our March/April 2015 issue theme, “Breaking Trail”, I wondered what new trails are out there. I found five new trails, examined what led to their creation and discovered what makes them top picks for 2015.

It didn’t take long in my research to realize that focusing on just “hiking” trails would really limit your view of what NEW trails can be.  So our 5 new trails in fact explore five different kinds of routes: traditional hiking trails, mountain biking trails, urban trails, canyoneering routes and waterways. The ones we’ve found aren’t the only new trails for sure.

I encourage you to look in your local area and broader region and identify new trails that are open or currently in development. My Publisher’s Note, Are You A Trailblazer – Like Jesus?, I hope will give you some inspiration and encouragement to go out there and break trail. At the end of this article we provide you with some practical resources that equip you to network with others and do it well.  

You might question if in the most popular outdoor destinations a new trail is a wise idea. The old trail is a proven route and provides a way to control and limit access for the masses. So why do something new? It improves upon the old. It makes a way for those who couldn’t make it before.

Continue reading on the following pages to check out these 5 great new trails!


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