September/October Eco-Print Edition

September/October 2014

At Shout! Outdoor Lifestyle Magazine, we're committed to the healthy stewardship of the planet God has given us. The Eco-Print Solution came from many hours of thought and discussion about the best way to deliver each exciting issue into the hands of our readers.  

Our online magazine provides photos, links, videos, and page after page of outstanding articles.  However, we know that sometimes only having a digital version isn't enough.  So the Eco-Print Solution was born.  This version of our magazine delivers more than 16 pages of content on a single sheet with article summaries and QR codes for quick access from a smart phone or tablet.

It's a perfect way to have something worth reading on your coffee table, in your waiting room, or in the break room.  And, by not printing off reams of paper only to be thrown out when we're done reading, we can uphold our responsibility as good stewards of our planet.

What's a QR Code?

A QR Code is a two-dimensional barcode, which has encoded in it a URL (web address), text, or other information. It can be read by a QR code scanner, including QR scanner smartphone apps.

How can I read a QR code?

If you have a smartphone, go to the app store and search for a QR code reader. You’ll find several free apps. Run the app and then hold your phone’s camera over a QR code to read it.  Our QR codes have the exact URL for each article encoded, so when you read the QR code it will take you directly to that web page.



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    Shout! Outdoor Lifestyle Magazine helps readers make connections between their outdoor lifestyle interests and the Christian faith.  It is published 6 times per year beginning with the January/February issue and finishing with the November/December issue. It is published on the internet at and is promoted via a monthly newsletter as well as periodic posts and updated through social media ( and 

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