Digital Archives

Looking for an article from a previous issue of Shout! Outdoor Lifestyle Magazine? This is a great place to start. Every great article ever published is still available online, it's just a matter of finding it. Here's how. 

If you remember the issue or what the cover looked like, then find it below on this page and click on that cover. It will take you to a list of every article available from that particular issue, including the author, a lead-in teaser from the article itself, and a picture as well. Just click on that article and start reading.

If you only remember the author's name or a keyword in the title, you can go to the Current Issue home page and in the right-hand column there is a Keyword Search box. Simply type the author's name or a keyword or two into that box and select enter.

Finally, if you would like to print out an Eco-Print Edition of any back issue: go to the Eco-Print Solution page, select the approprate issue, and download a printable PDF.  This version of our magazine delivers more than 16 pages of content on a single sheet with article summaries and QR codes for quick access from a smart phone or tablet.

 It's a perfect way to have something worth reading on your coffee table, in your waiting room, or in the break room.  And, by not printing off reams of paper only to be thrown out when we're done reading, we can uphold our responsibility as good stewards of our planet.