A Lot Can Happen in 40 Days
By Laurie Graves
September/October 2015

There were many things I was standing in faith to come to pass in my life and I was ready for God to move some of those mountains. I decided to pray and prepare. In anticipation, I wrote the phrase that the Holy Spirit spoke to me on the wall of my garage gym: "A Lot Can Happen in 40 Days." But before the first week was over I realized that the words I heard from the Spirit were a prophetic warning instead.

Walk With God
By Laurie Graves
July/August 2015

About two and a half years ago the Lord invited me to do something that went against my driven personality. He asked me to start coming away with Him for walks along a beautiful nature and equestrian trail. The Lord had something so rich and so precious for me to learn in the cool of the morning along those trails that it would literally become life changing. 

The Paddlefish's Dilemma
By Damon Toney
May/June 2015

Overfishing of Paddlefish caused authorities to ban all harvesting of the fish in 1988. Although populations plummeted, the ban helped the species recover. It's sad. You know? Such a beautifully weird creature decimated by over harvesting. I'm not sure if it's greed or desperation or all the things promised in scripture about famines and such, but one thing is clear: Christ placed us in charge of the planet to keep it and to represent him here.

5 New Trails – 5 New Views
By Brad Bloom
March/April 2015

Ever wonder what new trails are out there? I did and I found five new ones AND five different kinds of routes. Check them out and see how you can join others in breaking trail.

Contagious Enchantment
By Linda Grassa
January/February 2015

He was an agnostic. His love of the outdoors had nothing to do with God. Our dad didn’t connect nature to its Creator. But he connected us to peaceful spaces full of adventure in a boundless playground. He didn’t know God created light, heaven, dry land, seas, plant life, the sun, moon, stars, sea creatures, birds, animals, and creeping things in six days. But his contagious enchantment with the mysterious design filled us with endless delight.

Not Even a Squirrel
By Linda Grassa
November/December 2014

The opening day of deer season in Pennsylvania is sacred. For the first time in my life, I played a role in the hallowed event. After years of hearing about the rock, experiencing the secret hunting spot was just hours away. Although the sun was done peeking above the horizon, it didn’t promise to make it warmer. I knew we had a good six hours ahead of us.

How Far We Got
By Linda Grassa
September/October 2014

For some time I didn’t step out the door unless equipped with the proper gear. I researched and bought the latest products from insect repellant clothing to top-rated footgear. I could track my time, distance, pace, heart rate, and calories burned. I aimed to walk, jog, hike and cycle my way to the top! Determined to measure up to somebody else’s success - coworker, friend, or featured athlete - I pressed toward a hollow goal.

Pick Your Pain
Jennifer McAlister
July/August 2014

I find it ironic that those who are the quickest to counsel me on the dangers of running are those who have an aversion to exercise. I've thought many a time on how I should respond to their well-meaning (though not always accurate) advise and I think I finally came up with the answer - "Pick your pain."

By Christine Prater
March/April 2014

Ever since I was little, I have been a sparkle and shine kind of girl. I am not a total froo-froo, but I do love pretty, shiny things. I especially love pretty, shiny little houses. But the thing about building is that it doesn't really matter how fabulous my builder is, how genius my architect is, or even how controlling and micro-manage-y I might be; things still don't always go exactly as planned. 

Stay Close & Wait
By Christine Prater
January/February 2014

Woody is a runner. So if you open the front door for too long or don’t have him on a leash, Woody is off like a rocket. He is cheetah fast and will not come back until he is ready, no matter how big the steak or how squeaky the toy. So, there are two commands we have to work really hard on together, Stay Close and Wait.