Beyond Dogs & Smores

By Doug Gilmer
July/August 2013

One reason many people don’t like camping is because they have to leave the creature comforts of home behind. Obviously, part of the camping experience is leaving the world behind and getting back to nature and simpler times. While you may not have all the technology and comforts of home, you don’t need to skimp on the food you eat or how its prepared.

Camp Chef, a very family friendly company, offers everything you need to prepare and cook top notch, and yes, even gourmet, meals.I have been familiar with Camp Chef for quite some time and have come to rely on their equipment. A few months ago I took a group of college students winter camping. Using a Camp Chef equipment we cooked amazing food like prime rib, grilled salmon, various types of cobblers, breakfast burritos and fajitas. No one complained about the food and in fact all were surprised to learn one could cook more than hot dogs, freeze-dried food, and smores while camping.

Camp Chef offers a number of innovative and easy to use products including, one, two and three burner camp stoves, smokers, portable ovens, grill boxes, and even pizza ovens! Camp Chef also offers traditional camp cooking accessories such as a line of Dutch ovens and cast iron cookware. They have also just released a brand new line of nearly indestructible coolers.

On their website, you can link to recipes and videos to help turn you into a campsite cooking celebrity. There is virtually nothing you cannot prepare with Camp Chef products and their online resources will teach you how. The two nine-pound prime ribs we cooked on the camping trip were cooked in Dutch ovens; you can learn to do it too by watching their video. You won’t believe how easy it is and you will be surprised at how its done.

Camp Chef products are also largely portable. Granted, you are not going to throw a Dutch oven in your pack for a long, backcountry trek, but for camping where you ease of transportation to and from your site, and this describes most family camping today, their products cannot be beat. They break down and reassemble easily. are lightweight, and durable. Add a tank of propane like you’d use for backyard gas grill, and you are set for a number of incredible meals.

Camp Chef also makes a number of other items to make your backyard life or campsite more comfortable as well. Want a hot shower at camp? They have you covered? Do fire dangers prevent you from having open fires? Again, Camp Chef makes portable, gas-powered fire pits.

Someone once said about spending time outdoors, you can’t control the weather, you can’t control the fish, and you can’t control the game, but if the food is bad, it is your fault. Camp Chef has you covered there too. 

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    Doug is a Christian, diehard outdoorsman, outdoor journalist/communicator, a pro-staff member for a number of great companies such as Real Avid, Athens Archery, Commando Calls, Strut & Rut, and a firm believer that we need to better understand the gift of Creation and our role in it. He is also a professor of Adventure Leadership and Outdoor Ministry at Liberty University and a proud member of the United States Coast Guard Reserve.  Doug is especially passionate about introducing young people to the outdoors and educating them to its Majesty. You can follow Doug on Twitter @DouglasGilmer and you can also see regular posts, devotions, and news about what he is doing on his websites at or at  You can also contact him at [email protected].

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