Tears Bled – Embracing Failure For God’s Glory
By Jared Milam

All photos provided by Jared Milam. Top photo of Jared on bike by Ali Engin. All used with Jared's permission.

After ten years in the sport of triathlon, five of those being as a “professional” athlete, I’ve come to adopt a lovely mantra fluid in both curtness and self-deprecation:

Freedom From...
By Christina Chapan

Cassidy Novak is a walking miracle and a young woman full of many testimonies. At first glance you would never know all the challenges and triumphs of this young lady. All you would see is a beautiful woman, but after talking with her, you are astounded to learn all she has experienced in her short lifetime. She has been through so much, including a debilitating accident that should have taken her life, a beauty pageant, an eating disorder, Trichotillomania ( hair pulling), sexual abuse, and most recently a naturally occurring birth of three identical triplets.

Nepal Tragedy: Make It Personal
By Matt Evans

As the old adage goes: 1 death is a tragedy, 5,000 deaths is a statistic. When it comes to the tragedy that has befallen Nepal and the surrounding region, nothing short of tragedy can describe it. However, the problem with such wide-spread devastation is that we become overwhelmed, often so overwhelmed that we end up not doing anything. Well here at Shout! Outdoor Lifestyle Magazine we don't want that to happen, we want to make it personal.

Anytime & Anywhere
By Nikki Espina

My childhood days mostly took place throughout the 1990’s when the Nintendo was advancing in popularity. As much time as I spent with my siblings and cousins playing on it, we spent even more time in the great outdoors. After school we played sports, rode bikes, and climbed trees. And on the weekends my whole family and I would swim in our backyard pool or would explore around our city that was both surrounded by city and sea.

Marathon Lessons
By Christina Chapan

Many people wonder why I train for marathons. Initially, it was just something that looked neat to do.  I had some struggles in my own personal life, and marathon training was a way to cope and set a new goal.  Who knew that after my conversion to Christ, one simple act of training for a marathon would revolutionize my life, as I truly found out who I was in Jesus––and as a person––and what my callings in life were? 

Take Your Outdoor to New Heights
By Brad Bloom

This story of Mike Johnson and men climbing Mt.

Team Red, White & Blue
By Christina Chapan

Team RWB is an organization that is dedicated to serve both veterans and civilians alike to bring them together to find strength and hope through exercise and social activities. It was founded in 2010 to support the soldiers who were coming back from the Iraq and Afghanistan conflicts and help them as they readjust back to civilian life.

Planks & Specks
By Christina Chapan

A few years ago I had the opportunity to go to a regional Special Olympics track competition.  I watched as one of our participants, Steve, received a first-place medal for his shot-put throwing.  He was first but what struck me was that he did not care.  He was more interested in participating in life, congratulating the second- and third-place winners, and spreading the joy of the opportunity for the event to others.

Back on My Feet
By Christina Chapan

Sometimes we focus on getting new gear stuff but after taking a true look at our closets we find we basically have what we need for our chosen outdoor sport.  Here is a story about an organization that takes those with no home or vision and getting them back to a meaningful life.  Just as Luke  12:13-16 tells us about the rich owner we need to focus on the basics.  This organization Back on  My Feet does just that.

Campfire Confessions
By Matt Evans

“I’m still scared to death of him, seriously.”

“Ya, me too.  Always have been.”

Flames jump at the newly added wood, momentarily widening the circle of dancing light amidst the pitch black forest surrounding us.  I can just make out the solemn faces around the ring.