Ergonomic Workout Gear from Amphipod

September/October 2014
Get Outdoors Year-Round with New Ergonomic Workout Gear from Amphipod

With the winter season approaching and daylight waning, it’s a good time to take a look at the newest ergonomic gear that can help take the chill out of your workout and light the way toward achieving your fitness goals year -round. For the active sports or fitness enthusiast in your life, Amphipod® offers some of the best warmth, hydration, holders and reflective solutions, all designed to maximize the unique contours of your body for comfort and functionality. Whether you’re running, racing or into adventure sports, these exclusive items are available at running and specialty sport shops nationwide, all at a great price. Visit for more information. 

Amphipod Xinglet™ Reflective Vest (SRP $25-45) – This super minimalist reflective vest is perfect for every runner. The Xinglet Vest has up to 100 percent more reflective area than standard running vests. Its breathable soft, stretch-strap construction, and adjustability for height and waist size, provides superior comfort, fit and ease-of-movement. Choose from two über -visible colors, Wow Pink or Fluorescent Green. The newest model sports flashing LED lights on the front and back for additional visibility. 

Amphipod Trans4m™ Adaptable Run Glove (SRP $40-45) – This revolutionary new running glove series provides the ultimate level of warmth and access for segment of every run. With four unique configurable modes, you are able to have full-hand protection, or can unpeel the layers of the glove to reveal finger access. You have the option of exposing only your thumb; or the tips of all fingers; or your full hand while still covering your wrist. There is also a pocket on the top of the glove. Only with the ingenious adaptability of the Trans4m can you have easy access to tie your shoes, text and even use your smart phone’s touch screen without removing your gloves. Two models are available for the perfect level of warmth and protection for every climate. 

Amphipod HandPod SmartView Plus™ Phone Carrier (SRP $30-35) – Keep your phone at the ready while on a run so that you can easily take calls, change your tunes or adjust the volume. The new HandPod SmartView Plus Phone Carrier securely wraps around your hand so that no gripping is required. The padded case with an ultra-clear panel offers superior protection and brilliant views of, and touch-screen access to, the face of your phone. The case is attached to a soft, ergonomic, chafe-free and adjustable hand-strap that also features a zippered security pocket. Available in two sizes, the carrier fits just about every phone, even the largest models. 




Amphipod Profile UltraLite™ Hydration Belt (SRP $45) – No athlete should be without effortless access to water and fluids during a workout. However, holding water bottles securely in place is often a challenge that has now been solved with the new Profile UltraLite Hydration Belt. With its super-light minimalist feel, this new bounce-free hydration belt from Amphipod boasts two 10.5 oz. Hydraform contoured bottles that are effortlessly accessed with one hand. The zippered storage pouch is roomy enough for all of your on-the-go essentials like keys or touch-screen phone. Strategically enhanced with reflective detailing, the breathable, hip-gripping AirStretch™ belt attaches with a custom quick-release buckles and adjusts from a 22" to 50" waist. The Belt is available in Grey and Berry and can be further customized to add more fluid and storage at any time. 

Amphipod Vizlet™ LED Wearable Flashing Reflectors (SRP $10) – These bright-colored, wearable integrated flashing LED reflectors are lightweight and boast a super easy-to-attach magnetic design. Offered in three fun fluorescent colors and shapes - the new "smiley face", triangle or flowers, being "seen" on the road has never been more fun! Wear them on your waistband, hydration belt, cap, sleeve, collar, vest, shoes or anywhere.

Amphipod Swift-Clip™ Cap Light (SRP $15) – Be seen with the Swift-Clip Cap Light. In three great colors, this brilliant dual-mode bright white LED has a flashing strobe mode and a constant beam illumination mode. The lights are encapsulated in an ultra-light, easy-grip rubberized housing so they are protected from the elements. The light clamps on running- and baseball cap-style brims and is a must for early morning or dusk/evening runners. The Swift-Clip Cap Light is powered by easy-to-replace, low cost, long-life coin batteries and is available in Pink, Black and bright Green.



Amphipod has built its reputation on being the first and leading brand using a minimalist, ergonomic design approach; every product is engineered around body-contoured natural shapes for increased comfort and performance for runners and outdoor fitness enthusiasts. For more information, go to


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