About Lifestyle Media Group

Parent Company Overview

Lifestyle Media Group is an energetic network of thinkers, communicators, and media developers all with a passion to inspire and motivate people to live life fully.  A non-profit corporation, its mission is to develop content, provide resources and produce events to help people make connections between their active lifestyle interests and the Christian faith. Lifestyle Media Group directs ministry to individuals, groups, churches, organizations and business to helps them improve life in their communities. Individuals, ministries and businesses support this work by giving financially, volunteering services or through sponsorship and advertising. By becoming a partner with this ministry, individuals and groups can make a positive impact on the lives of others.

Current media offerings tend to separate the sacred and the secular, yet we feel that people don’t want to live a fragmented lifestyle.  Through different media brands, Lifestyle Media Group reaches out to this un-tapped market of faith-filled: active people who want to connect their physical passions and their spiritual passions.

Current Brands: